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    Corona Virus


    At Monastery Estate, our complete connected community is at the heart of everything we do. It’s what makes us who we are. We’re more than a hotel, we’re a home and a family, and we care passionately about each and every one of our guests and team members. And that starts with your safety and wellbeing.


    How we handle COVID-19?

    In order to ensure our community remains safe, comfortable and protected, we’ve put a number of measures in place. That’s why all of our spaces, from our rooms and communal areas, bars and restaurants, have been adapted to ensure you can spread out and stay safe while still enjoying the full Monastery Estate.

    Below, you’ll find a comprehensive (and regularly updated) list of general safety measures — details may vary per location.

    Safety & hygiene measures

    We improved, intensified and increased the cleaning of all surfaces in our hotels, all bar and restaurant areas.  All of our cleaning staff are required to wear face masks when in closed areas, change gloves after cleaning and disinfect all sensitive surfaces using detergents that are approved by health authorities.

    Each and every member of staff has been trained in workplace health and safety, including how to handle guests reporting COVID-19 symptoms, and how to apply measures in order to prevent any spread.

    Flexible booking policy

    We understand this is an unprecedented and unique situation, so we have decided to offer a more flexible policy for those affected. We’ll regularly update it to accommodate for changes in local circumstances, measures, and regulations.

    For questions and possibilities, please contact our reservations department through

    We’d like to thank you all for your ongoing patience, optimism and understanding as we deal with your questions and queries as quickly as possible. We’ll keep you posted with regular updates as soon as they become available.

    Stay safe, stay healthy & stay curious!

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