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    Welcoming you in a unique experience; The Monastery Estate, a brand new boutique Estate in the heart of Oranjestad with international character brings back all the elements of the times from 1937 when 13 brothers came to Aruba to take over schools. This estate will be completely renovated to incorporate 1937 in the 21st century starting from our modern loft suits, apartments, studios, restaurants, bars all the way to our majestic gardens and fountains.

    Enjoy our beautiful Monastery Suites, our hidden exclusive Monastery studio’s,The Chapel restaurant & lounge, our giftshop, The library bungalows and The Cathedral lofts as The Monastery provides you a luxurious and relaxing stay. Even for exclusive weddings and events, you are on the right address. The Monastery represents our small but oh so beautiful Aruba. Like Ying and Yang, black and white, gay and straight men and women, The Monastery knows all the extremes together. The Monastery Estate is therefore determined to remain etched in your memory, when u pass by or stay with us. For more information regarding your upcoming stay or events we can be contact or call +297 5877711.


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